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We determine the digital asset that will realize the fastest return on the investment made in the field of marketing and we start working on it.

This digital asset can be LinkedIn, Instagram, website, e-commerce site, YouTube or a different digital structure depending on the brand, market and target audience.

We first establish trust within that entity and then organize regular advertising campaigns. When expectations are met, we include the next digital asset that will deliver the fastest return on investment into our marketing strategies.

Gain Regional Awareness

Sector: Health

Company: Leo Clinic

Purpose: Get Known Locally

Tool: Regional Advertising Campaigns


Providing Regional Awareness to the Brand

The brand wants to be known in the region where the clinic is located.

We ran regional advertising campaigns for websites and social media accounts of doctors and clinics.

Thanks to the data obtained during the process, we rearranged the campaigns by dividing the target audience into gender and age segments and reduced the costs per result by 40%.

In this way, we received more than 240 messages and phone calls, while reaching more than 120,000 monthly average consumers within a 1 mile area without increasing advertising costs.

With the beginning of the management of digital assets, it is aimed to have a rapid impact on marketing.

Fejen Marketing Agency

Position Your Brand Successfully

Sector: Education

Company: Kam's Training

Purpose: Raise the Price of Your Services

Tool: Successful Brand Positioning


Positioning the Brand as an Upper Segment Brand in the Minds of Consumers

The brand wants to generate more revenue per unit service it provides without losing customers.

We renewed all visual communication tools to convey the information that the brand provides a luxury service compared to its competitors.

We created a new website, reconstructed the posts on the LinkedIn account in accordance with the determined visual communication language, within certain strategies, and carried out regular e-mail campaigns.

We have developed digital brochures that encourage buying and help persuade the consumer. We have transformed the website into an interesting rich resource by producing regular content.

By dividing the target audience into segments based on industry and position, we carried out segment-specific advertising campaigns within LinkedIn and reached 10 times the CTR rate across LinkedIn.


In this way, we managed to increase the service offers of the brand by up to 100%, while maintaining the conversion rate of consumers who contacted the brand.

Developed and implemented marketing strategies, in essence, contain the goal of growing the brand.

Fejen Marketing Agency

Get New Customers Now

Sector: Food & Beverage

Company: Elina Patisserie

Purpose: Preferred by Consumers

Tool: Effective Advertising Campaigns


Bringing New Customers to the Brand in a Short Time

The newly established brand wants to reach consumers quickly and convert its marketing activities into sales.

In order for the newly established brand to receive orders immediately, we started Instagram ads without waiting for the website to be set up. We have prepared electronic brochures to increase the conversion rates of incoming messages and calls to orders.

Taking into account the data obtained in less than a month, we aimed to reduce advertising costs by creating ans using region and age segments.

We created standards, texts and images of responses to potential order messages.

In addition, by designing and adding discount coupons to each order sent, we gave the brand the opportunity to continue its after-sales marketing.

Instagram Ads

In this way, while the brand started taking orders from the very first moment, we managed to reduce the advertising cost per order by up to 50% at the end of the first month.

All data provided by managed digital assets is regularly analyzed and reported.

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