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We are a marketing agency that prioritizes the importance of creating strong bonds of trust between the brand and consumers and oversees brand positioning. From this point of view, we are frank in our communication with the companies we work with and we carry out marketing activities by creating data-based strategies.

As Fejen, we have two main goals. Increase the profitability of brands as a result of marketing activities. Transfer our knowledge to the companies we work with, to enable brands to make more accurate decisions about marketing.

Fejen is here to enable medium and small-sized enterprises to obtain maximum benefit from their marketing activities by using new technologies in quality business plans and to raise awareness about the developments in the field of marketing.

Fejen is an online served agency with a core team and a large talent pool. When a company decides to cooperate with Fejen, we first gets to know the company. Then we include the appropriate talent or talents in the marketing activities to be carried out on behalf of the company to work with the team.

We carry out all marketing activities within the framework of the business plans created in accordance with the companies we work with, share the regularly created reports with the companies, ensure continuity in the communication established with the companies, and take the important decisions to be taken in the name of marketing together with the companies by organizing online meetings.

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