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A Case Study for An English Coaching Brand

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Client: Kam’s Training

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Kam's Training is a brand that helps individuals improve their English speaking skills through personalized 1-to-1 courses and helps them prepare for internationally accepted exams. Let's see how Fejen makes this definition in the Brand Book of Kam's Training:

Kam's Training is a training brand that meets the needs of individuals to be successful and reach their goals in professional business or academic fields through 1-to-1 individual courses based on English education.

Kam's Training designs communication, guides, solves problems, trains, and coaches individuals, being aware of the responsibility it has undertaken in the moments that play an essential role in the lives of individuals, in the achievements that will fundamentally change their lives. This awareness creates the success, training, and concentration values of Kam's Training and aims to convey these values to individuals through the training provided by Kam's Training.

The 1 to 1 individual working principle shapes the content of the training according to the needs of the individual. This way of work lays the groundwork for success. It also shapes communication with individuals. The sincere dialogue between the instructor and the trainee throughout the course reflects the genuine necessity to achieve the observed and studied success.

The coaching offered by the trainer comes into play at this point, and the service provided is crowned by instilling industriousness in the trained person.

The story begins long before the Brand Book was created. Back in the days when Kam's Training had a website that didn't quite meet industry standards. The day we met, they told us that they wanted to renew their website and we did it. But not just a web site.

First we produced a marketing plan for Kam's Training depending on the digital touchpoints and we proceeded step by step by sticking to this plan. Our aim, as always, was to increase the conversion rates of advertising campaigns to be carried out in different digital assets in the future and to provide maximum benefit with minimum cost. We have achieved this goal by increasing the visual communication standards of digital assets and enriching the content according to the target audience.

In order to progress quickly, we designed the website as a single page at the first stage and published it. In the following periods, we created landing pages for each service. At later periods in marketing plan, we created landing pages for each service. Than based on Google data, which shows the search habits of the brand's target audience, we created more landing pages for each service.

Fejen Case Study Web Page Example

Landing pages for Business English service.

Including the phrases that the target audience searches frequently on Google as subheadings on the website helped increase the quality scores of Google Ad campaigns and lower the cost per click, while making a great contribution to SEO in the later stages.

When all of it completed, YouTube videos were produced according to the contents of the landing pages and included in the relevant landing pages. In this way, it not only contributed to the above-mentioned benefits, but also increased lead generation and the time users spent on the site.

Fejen Case Study Web Page Example

Landing pages for TOEFL coaching service.

In addition, the brand has planned to hold webinars so that more users can experience the English coaching service. To achieve this, we created landing pages where these webinars were promoted in detail.

Fejen Case Study Web Page Example

A landing page example for a webinar service.

Since the English coaching service provided by Kam's Training promises a 1 to 1 experience, we took care to reflect this experience in the illustrations used in visual communication within the interface. The inclusion of the promised experience in visual communication also contributed greatly to the visual communication to be used in social networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Fejen Case Study Web Page Example

Examples of illustrations used to reflect the 1 to 1 coaching experience.

The next thing in the marketing plan was, we need to set up the Google MyBusiness account when opening and developing the website as a single page. This was especially important in gaining the trust of consumers who searched for the brand's name on Google. Using the Google Business Profile and getting efficiency from other digital assets increased the brand's performance in google search results to the desired level.

Google search results for "Kam's Training".

Pay attention that all search results in the first page are only about brand itself.

According to the marketing plan, the most important segment in the target audience of the brand was white-collar employees. To reach this segment directly, we first recreated the LinkedIn Business Page from the digital assets owned by the brand. We regularly shared content produced within a specific plan for the business page.

Fejen Case Study Web Page Example

This is one of the concept content created for white-collar employees, which is the most important segment in the target audience. Created for Turkish speaking users in the target audience.

After the brand's LinkedIn Business Account reached a certain level, we created advertising campaigns through LinkedIn Campaing Manager. We achieved our return on investment targets in a very short time, thanks to the advertising campaigns we organized specifically for the sectors by segmenting the white-collar employees.

Fejen Case Study LinkedIn Ad Example

Examples of advertising campaign images specially prepared for the segments that emerged as a result of the detailed segmentation we have done. For example, the advertising campaign, designed specifically for bank employees among white-collar employees in the target audience, targets only employees in certain positions of certain banks. Both positions and banks were determined based on the past sales statistics of the brand.

Another digital touchpoint we determined within the marketing plan was the messages sent by consumers during the advertising campaigns we ran and the responses to these messages. Considering that the communication of consumers will mostly be via mobile devices, we designed electronic brochures suitable for mobile devices.

An example of a digital brochure designed to be experienced on mobile devices for advertising campaigns in Business English. As in this example, digital brochures specific to that segment were created for the segments within the target audience.

Thus, we both ensured the continuity of the brand experience and increased the conversion rate of leads created through advertising campaigns into sales. In other words, considering the budget allocated for advertising campaigns, we have successfully implemented a strategy aimed at providing maximum benefit with minimum cost.

In summary, we were able to have a positive impact on brand experience and ROI, one of the most important KPIs in marketing.

Fejen Case Study Digital Flyer

The next step in the marketing plan for Kam's Training was to reach even wider audiences after the successful creation of priority digital assets. For this, we created digital assets such as Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile, Whatsapp Business, Facebook Ads. Then we gained full control by accessing these digital assets from within the Facebook Business Suite.

For the above-mentioned digital assets, we both used content used on behalf of LinkedIn and produced content specific to these assets. Thus, we brought new digital assets to the level where advertising campaigns can be implemented in a short time. As a result, we were able to reach more consumers by expanding the scope of marketing.

Fajen Case Study Instagram

Special content was produced for each segment within the target audience to use in Instagram. For this, information about their experiences was obtained from previous consumers. From this information, the demands and concerns most frequently expressed by consumers were obtained. The texts used in the contents were created in order to meet the requested demands and to eliminate the concerns.

According to the marketing plan, YouTube was next after the website, Google MyBusiness, Digital Flyers, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. When producing content for YouTube, we used the important data that we used to build the website. We produced content with the same title as Landing Pages, which were created according to the search habits of the segments within the target audience. At this stage, we went into a little more detail and examined Google search habits in depth and created sub-titles for each video and organized the content accordingly. Finally, we have contributed to SEO with detailed descriptions, using sub-titles in timestamps and using tags.

We researched the search habits of users for each service the brand offers. We reviewed, processed and used all the data obtained for each video.

An example video produced for the users who is searching information about IELTS Speaking exam.

In the process, both the field of marketing and the digital assets themselves have evolved. After the website showed this development, we started working on running Google Ads campaigns. Using the data obtained while producing content for both the website and YouTube, we designed and maintained special advertising campaigns for each service offered by the brand. The website's rich content, compliance with visual communication standards, and consistency in the language of communication kept the performance of the advertising campaigns at a high level. Meeting the information architecture, UI and UX standards at a certain level also contributed to reaching the desired ROI level in a short time.

Fejen Case Study Google Ads Campaings

Previews of some of the Google Ads campaigns for Turkish customers.

Over time, a certain communication language on behalf of the brand emerged with the creation and development of digital assets by considering a consistent communication language. At this point, we wanted to take this communication standards to next level. For this, we decided to create a Brand Book that connects all designs used in visual communication to certain standards and explains the construction of communication with titles such as brand character, brand voice and tone of voice.

A part of the designs in the Brand Book which consists of 12 chapters.

All the elements in the Brand Book were designed according to proportional sizes.

Fejen Case Study Brand Book

In order for Brand Book to organize all communication with consumers, all printed materials used and planned to be used in communication were also included in the book.

Fejen Case Study Brand Book

We have included the standards of communication established not only with consumers but also with other brands in the Brand Book. For example, data visualization standards were determined in order to present the requested data in an understandable way when other brands want to cooperate with the brand or when contacting an investor.

Fejen Case Study Brand Book

We also included communication elements to be used outdoors in the Brand Book.

Fejen Case Study Brand Book

Most importantly, we have ensured consistency within a certain strategy in the communication language used by the brand.

So, what was the result? The brand was able to reach the consumers that it determined as brands target audience and wanted to reach. Moreover, when this access is provided, the brand is positioned in the desired position in the minds of consumers.

Also, as a result of planned and sustained marketing strategies, designs, advertising campaigns, measurements, reports and retargeting, we provided the contribution that the brand requested from Fejen. We continue to develop new strategies to provide maximum benefit with minimum cost for marketing, as we always believe that even better can be done.

Well, this is the story of a case study. We hope you liked it. We will continue to share the projects that we are working on with you. We promise the next examples will contain less text and more images. If you want to get more information or work with Fejen, just send an e-mail to dm@fejen.com.

Have a happy life and see you again.

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