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A Case Study for An Aesthetic Clinic Brand

Sector: Plastic Surgery

Client: Leo Clinic

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General Strategy and Evaluation Report

Leo Aesthetic met us as an aesthetic clinic trying to appeal to the high-income group. The evaluation report, which emerged as a result of the evaluation research, stated that the first step to be taken on behalf of the brand was a new website.

Information Architecture

The first work we have done for the brand, which has a wide range of services, was to develop a structure that will allow users to easily access the wide range of services. Thus, we have a strategy on how to group the information to be included in the website and in what order this information will be conveyed to the website users. Then we rearranged the dense content we had using the information architecture we developed. Right after, with the same strategy, we created wireframes that show which information will be transferred to the users in which order within the pages of the website.

Fejen case study, information architecture and wireframes

Visual expression of information architecture. This process precedes wireframe generation.

Communication Language, Wireframes and Interface Design

Before moving on to the design phase of the website, we determined the communication language that should be used for the interface design and visual content by considering the target audience of the brand. Starting the design phase of the website with these preparations helped us a lot to come up with an interface design that suits the needs of the brand. After the designs were dressed in the content management system, we launched the brand's website.

Fejen case study, webpage design and wireframes

The wireframe example created by considering the information architecture, and then the interface example designed with the wireframe in mind.

On the other hand, we designed and launched the blog section of the website shortly after. In order to produce content for SEO purposes in the blog section of the website, we first identified the most preferred services by the target audience with the brand. Afterwards, we uncovered the words and phrases that consumers use as search terms to reach these services through Google. In this way, we have the title, sub-headings and words that should be included in the blog post before creating blog posts about the services that consumers often prefer.

In addition to all these, we designed the interfaces of the blog posts as landing pages. In this way, we have been able to select more than one landing page to be used in advertising campaigns to be organized within Google for services with blog posts.

Fejen case study, webpage design.

Home page of the Leo Clinic website.

Google MyBusiness

The next step was to create the business's Google MyBusiness account. Using the Google MyBusiness tool, we created the brand's Google MyBusiness account and ensured that the brand and the necessary information are fully included in the Google account.

Fejen case study, Google MyBusiness

Screens from brand's Google MyBusiness account.

Facebook Business Suite and Instagram

The evaluation report we prepared for the brand stated that in addition to the website, the brand should create digital assets, namely business accounts, on Instagram and Facebook. From this point of view, we have determined the visual communication standards to be used in these assets by making use of the visual communication language determined during the development phase of the website. Subsequently, we created the business accounts required for the brand through the Facebook Business Suite.

Content Production and Workflow

We have developed the business calendar required for the regular production and sharing of content for the brand's digital assets in Instagram and Facebook. In this way, deadlines for when the content will be created, when it will be subject to revision, when the revisions will be completed and when they will be published have been determined. Then, we started to produce content regularly using the determined business calendar and share the content with users within the mentioned digital assets.

Fejen case study, Instagram post design and workflow.

This is one of the concept content created for Instagram and the plan created for the workflow.

Advertising Strategy

After the digital assets created and developed for the brand have reached a certain quality, we have determined a general strategy that can be followed in order to organize advertising campaigns for digital assets. This strategy proposed to organize the advertising campaigns regionally and expand or narrow the areas of the regions targeted by the ads by comparing the results from the campaigns with the KPI's specified in the strategy. As a result of this, we started to organize regional advertising campaigns both within GoogleAd and Facebook and Instagram. According to the data obtained from the campaigns, we expanded and narrowed the regions targeted by the ads, removed some regions from being targeted and added new regions instead. Thanks to the determined general strategy, we were able to reduce customer acquisition costs to the desired level and contributed to the regional awareness of the brand in a short time.


For all digital assets and advertising campaigns created and developed, we created reports and regularly shared them with the brand, in accordance with the business plan specified at the beginning of our cooperation with the brand.

Digital and Physical Touchpoints

In addition to all this, we have designed both digital and printed brochures to help increase the conversion rate of consumers who contact the brand. In addition, we analyzed the talks with consumers who contacted the brand through digital channels and created reports. In these reports, we shared with the brand how the communication with the consumers should be built.

Fejen case study, digital flyer design.

We have prepared brochures containing brief and concise information about the services they are curious about for consumers who contact the brand. We designed these brochures not only for digital channels, but also for physical printing for consumers who physically contact the brand. In addition, we developed the designs of these brochures suitable for different digital assets and shared them with consumers through digital channels.

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